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September 29, 2010
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Linux Circuitry - Pack II by EldiS82 Linux Circuitry - Pack II by EldiS82
It's another Linux pack from me, only this time unfortunatelly I had to devide it in two parts because of huge files size (approx 5,5Mb for each wallpaper). So it is divided in two packs. Walls are done in dark / electric circuit style, and I tried (again) to cover most popular Linux distros here. So there is 9 logos and here's the full list: Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mint, PCLinuxOS, Slackware and Sabayon.

I shuld say that I used ~Yun-Zhen brushes and ~C130 patterns.

Link for Pack I:
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this is sick, thanks alot man
These are great! Would love to see the Linux Mint version in Mint green.
Black-Blooded-Bat Sep 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Man, may I modify your masterpiece and use it in my comunity (not commercial one).
I've changed the color and logo with our linux logo. But I haven't published it yet.
Please tell me if I may not publish it or I should to put you on credit or you want to see the final picture.
EldiS82 Sep 18, 2012   Interface Designer
You can modify it if you want, and publish it as well, as long as it's not commercial. Will you credit me or not, is your choice. ;)
This pack is really great! I'm using it on mint. Changed everything to be green as opposed to the default orange (it'd be great if the coloring of everything was based on the distro's main colors) and now it fits in perfectly!
EldiS82 May 26, 2012   Interface Designer
I remeber, in that time, when I created that one, I wanted to do a "proper" repack, with proper distro colors associated, but then I was too lazy as I was busy with some other things, and it remained like that...
nice work ;)
I love the Mint wall. Any chance you might make one with blue as the primary color to go with my Mint KDE install? I know most would want it green for Mint but I prefer the KDE (and Dodger) blue.

Even with the red wall I love it. I found out about your walls thanks to a post on the Ubuntu Forums by cra1g321. Thanks for making them!
EldiS82 Nov 30, 2010   Interface Designer
I think I have this PSD file saved, so I will consider modifying it, cause there are some more requests considering this pack, beside yours.
And thanks for feedback anyway... ;)
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